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Collective redundancy plan / Mass redundancy plan

Support for collective redundancy plans and restructuring: Whatever the legal framework of the redundancy, Group’3C supports companies by offering them outplacement solutions for their executives and employees.


During an economic redundancy, Group’3C creates a partnership with the company to create a global outplacement program, helping the employees to define their professional project and to set it up.


Group’3C’s formulas include a mix of one to one meetings with a coach and group workshops. This allows employees made redundant to reposition themselves and to find a new job, or to create or take over a company.

Group’3C’s original approach guarantees the company and its managers a personalized approach.

Whatever the age and the degree of employability of the employees and executives, Group’3C brings them a professional support from consultant with backgrounds in human resources and in the different functions of the company.


In all cases, Group’3C’s objective is to provide the most appropriate response to the needs and aspirations of each individual.

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