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Group'3C - Bilan de compétence
Face-to-face with a coach and with oneself

At certain moments in your life, you may feel the need to (re)define a project, a trajectory that make sense for the rest of your career.
It is time for a  career coaching !
To help you explore the appropriate questions, we offer you a proven methodology and the insight and experience of our coaches. This approach is entirely customized and individual. It takes into account your exportations, your doubs and your constraints.

The coaching sessions can take place in person or by videoconference.

Our career coaching ( “bilan de compétences”) offer is certified Qualiopi, so you can finance it thanks to your CPF through the link indicated below. You can also ask your employer to cover for its cost as part of your company’s training plan.
The quality index given by our customers is 5/5 and the recommandation index is 9/10.

2 formulas according to your needs

Taking a step back from your career path :

15h (meeting with a coach and supervised work).
Objective : take a step back to clarify your situation and explore your opportunities

Download the description of the serviceGo to "Moncompteformation"

Reorient your career path :

24h (appointment with a coach and supervised work).
Objectives :

  • Clarify your need for change, either temporary ore more profound ;
  • Define a Professional project : change of company or function, create or takeover of a company.
Download the description of the serviceGo to "Moncompteformation"
Group'3C - Bilant de competences

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