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Group'3C - Coaching d'equipe

Objective of team coaching

In order to succeed in the growth and transformation of the company, managers need to be able to count on a cohesive team that shares the same vision of the future and practices an effective management in order to mobilize the collective intelligence of all employees.


Team coaching can help strengthen the cohesion of a team, co-construct a shared vision, support intrapreneurship projects, and train managers in innovative management practices.


The methodology :


After identifying the company’s needs and the manager’s request, we design a program of interventions, according to a schedule consistent with the rhythm he wishes to set up and that will be adjusted regularly after milestones have been reached.


Our interventions can take the form of:

  • Team-buildings
  • Development of a vision of the company
  • Management training
  • Facilitation of co-development groups
  • Facilitation of meetings or events

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