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We are 14 consultants, whose vocation is to support people so that their professional lives are successful. We help them to find their work more meaningful and support them to use their key skills, in return for fair compensation.Our key assets:

A unique methodology

Created in 1999 by Guy Gibbon, Group’3C has imported to France an original approach to executive coaching based on an American methodology for professional reorientation.

The main principle of the Group’3C methodology is to analyze the person as a whole, taking into account both the personal and professional aspects. The work done with consultants goes far beyond a simple skills assessment. Through tests and individual interviews, it is a matter of understanding who the person is, and what their aspirations, motivations and values are.

This methodology, registered at the INPI, is reviewed and updated every year by Group’3C associates and groups of experts in order to respond as closely as possible to market developments.

A complete offer

With the arrival of Mireille Garolla as its director in 2010, Group’3C has enriched its offer of support for executives, focused on the creation and takeover of companies thanks to the past of Business Angel of Mireille.

The firm now has fourteen consultants. Specialists in various fields (accountants, retirement specialists, sophrologists, naturopaths, philosophers) also contribute to the workshops. The team thus offers its clients a global framework, alternating between personalized interviews and group workshops.

Our commitment toCivil society

Because bringing those who are excluded closer to the business world is part of our DNA, we believe that no one should be “left by the wayside”. For many years now, we have decided to help executives in a precarious situation and for this we have undertaken various actions:

  • We spend 10% of our billable time on outplacement and coaching as part of our support program, reserved for people who are unable to afford coaching services.


  • We host a monthly radio program “Transitions”, on Fréquence Protestante, every 4th Saturday of the month at 1 pm. In this program, Mireille Garolla gives her advice on how to find a new job or deal with a career change. All the program is available for replay – https://www.group3c.net/nos-ressources/nos-conseils-en-podcasts/


  • We regularly welcome start-ups in the incubation phase and provide them with our advice free of charge.

This commitment allows us to give full meaning to our profession, both by getting involved in actions of general interest and by devoting part of our time to helping disadvantaged people.

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