Group’3C : Comprehend and Counsel our clients to help them Choose their future.

Created in 1999, Group’3C, a HR Consulting firm headquartered in Paris, supports Companies and Individuals in their professional repositioning issues.

Our HR Solutions are based on a rigourous proprietary methodology , INPI registered, which has been experienced alongside over 1000 executives for more than 20 years.


A Team of Expert Consultants

Group’3C is a Coaching and RH consulting Firm, specialized in individual outplacement and professional repositioning of Executives. Our human-size organization allows us to design tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Our consultants have a experience of more than 20 years as coaches or business leaders. Today, they offer their expertise to Executives and Company Directors. We support our Client, facing a turning point in their career, to allow them to give meaning to their professional life.


A custom-made Support

Our personalized approach allows each of our clients to build a professional future by finding a new position or creating/ taking over a company. We guarantee absolute confidentiality.

Group’3C has also made the choice of solidarity commitment ,in order not to exclude anyone. Therefore we mentor precarious Executives and young start-ups.

All our clients are hosted in our Paris Headquarters, located in the 16th district.

Group’3C is ranked by Leader’s League in the top 15 French Firms with the strongest reputation in the individual outplacement field.

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