In addition to its direct support towards individuals, Group’3C advises companies for their talent, restructuring and outplacement management issues.

Support for Restructuring and Reclassification

The solutions that Group’3C provides to Companies includes individual as well as group coaching. With the support of its HR Experts, Group’3C can fully play its HR consulting role, regardless of the legal context of the layoff : individual dismissal, collective redundancies, Job Protection Plan…

Career Review and Management

For the companies who want to emphasize the amazing Human Capital that their employees represent , Group’3C has established a “Career Strategy Review“. This performance, which goes deeper than an usual career review allows to put into perspective the career management of an employee in order to support him/ her to a future that suits them best.

How to re-motivate older Executives

Often companies find themselves confronted with specific issue of the management of Executives over 50.

The employes sometimes find themselves confronted to a breach with a younger manager , who they deny the legitimacy and along whom they find increasingly difficult to work. In other instances, upon a departure for retirement, the employee who has invested a significant life part into his/her job find himself/ herself totally bewildered and in search of a new purpose for his/her life.

Group’3C, acting as a trusted advisor will tackle these type of conflicts. In the instance it will provide evidence to the executives that the Company is still ready to trust them and to find a way of working effectively together for the years to come. In the second instance, Group’3C will help retired employees define their aspirations and activities at a key moment of their lives.