Individual outplacement

Group'3C - outplacement individuel

Objective of outplacement

For executives, benefit from personalized support (outplacement) to effectively search for a job.

For the company, take advantage of the pooling of what can be pooled in an outplacement service, to provide a group of executives with the benefit of personalized support so that they can better understand their search for a job. use.

During collective outplacement sessions

  • Labor market analysis
  • Familiarization with the tools necessary for job search
  • Learning job search techniques
  • Pooling and discussions on ways to facilitate and make job search more efficient.

During individual outplacement sessions

  • Personality analysis (behavior tests, graphological analysis, interviews)
  • Determination of know-how by an in-depth examination of the professional career
  • Determination of the professional project
  • Construction of the tools necessary for the job search
  • Personalized follow-up of the job search until the end of the outplacement.

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