7 reasons to call on Group’3C

Comprendre & Conseiller pour Choisir

A team of confirmed Experts
After more than 25 years of success in their respective fields of expertise, Group’3Cs l consultants have decided to unite the wealth and diversity of their professional experiences. . This cohesive team work as a group to support our clients in every step of their coaching.
A unique Methodology
Group’3C relies on a rigorous and patented proprietary methodology, INPI registred. For more than 20 year this method has shown its potential by supporting, with success hundreds of Executives.
A balance between Individual coaching and Group workshops
It guarantees the confidentiality of the process and of the interviews, while building a group dynamic. Hence, the plurality of profiles amongst those employed and unemployed enables to strengthen the exchanges and create a sense of emulation.
A custom-made pricing
Whether  they are companies or individuals, our customers benefit from an adapted pricing, Group’3C is a certified training organization.
A comprehensive coaching
We coach our clients until they have found a position that meets their aspirations. In addition, our clients can come back to us whenever they face a situation of uncertainty or transition.
Availability of our various networks and partners
Our clients benefit from the expertise of our partners, to help them return to work, start or buy a business, raise capital in European or beyond and expatriate.
International competence
All our consultants are able to work in both French and English and some are native German.They can  support our clients in their return to work, both in France and abroad.