Group’3C : Comprehend and Counsel to help you Choose

A Unique Methodology

Created in 1999 by Guy Gibbon,  Group’3C has imported to France an  original approach of Executive Support based on an American methodology in career change.

Group’3C methodology analyses the person “as a whole”, taking into consideration both the personal and professional aspects. The work accomplished with our consultants is much deeper than than a mere skills review . It is, thanks to test and individual interviews, about understanding who the person is and what are his/her goals, motivations and values.

This patented methodology, INPI registered, is reviewed and updated every year by Group’3C Partners and Experts in order to answer to market changes.

A Comprehensive Offer

With the arrival of  Mireille Garolla at the head of the company in 2010 and her Business Angel background, Group’3C upgraded its offer with a new consulting  offer designed towards the Creation and Takeover of a Company.

Today, the Firm has five consultants. The team is complemented with experts in various fields (graphology, sophrologie and naturopathy) take participate in workshops. Group’3C therefore offers a comprehensive support, alternating personalized interviews and group workshops.

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