The problematic :

Everybody speaks about a skill assessment or a career assessment. During this approach, it is about listing the main skills of the person and to make him think of a career plan in line with his last job.

We notice that often, at the end of this assessment the individuals are often lost, and are not in a position to follow their assessment with a concrete action plan.


Group’3C’s response :

The method used by Group’3C is extremely pragmatic.

It is about helping an executive or a manager in a time span of few weeks to be able to carry out a detailed reflection about who he is, his motivation, his know-how by taking into account  his personal as well as professional dimensions in order to build a project which is looking towards the future.

This thought work is led to 3 levels :

  • The personality study which is analysed by the means of 3 techniques (interviews,   behavioral tests, graphological analysis) which will then be crossed referenced, for the objective to determine the qualities or the key points, the weak points to overcome or the points to be improved.
  • The search for deep motivations (what one likes doing, what are one’s values, how would we like to organise one’s time, what do we appreciate about the others, which were the key moments, versus the weak ones of the career and why) to be able to determine his driving force for the future plan.
  • The determination of the real know-how from a very advanced analysis of the professional career through the success which makes it up of an overall analysis. Persuant to this phase, it is about repositioning the executive and to have defined with him, a credible dynamic project which matches  his aspiration. This project will either help him orient himself in the company if the possibilities exist or to bounce back outside the company.

Audit de carrière