Our career coaching program can be fully paid thanks to your CPF or be included in the L&D plan of your company

It is the opportunity to work during 24h with a professional coach in one-to-one sessions, spread over 12 sessions

This coaching program will help you decide the next steps of your career path

Career coaching is for you if:

  • You’re not sure about what the next part of your career should be
  • You have an idea about your next career option, but you feel the need to validate it
  • You need to find true purpose to your career or make it more meaningful
  • You want to take over or launch a company, but need to check your abilities to do so
  • You are not sure whether you want to start a training program or validate your skills through a VAE

Our 4 Steps Career Coaching Program

Expand your knowledge of who you really are
Explore your personality, motivations and operating mode ( tests MBTI, DISC and self-assessment booklets)

Identify your set of skills, knowledges, and talents

Work on your self-limiting beliefs and the way to overcome them

Establish the plan
Identify the jobs and working environment that match with who you really are

Check your options thanks to a field survey

Think further
Refine your project according to what you like, your skills and the reality of the employment market.

Set your next step on a long-term perspective and realistically in line with your priorities

Make it happen
Revisit and update your resume, prepare your pitch

Reach out to your network

Learn how to adapt your strategy regarding the outcomes

How do you enroll the program

You can register to this program via Mon Compte Formation:  https://bit.ly/3bl1tJV

You can also ask your employer to include it in his learning and development plan

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.Contact Us!