The purpose of Career Assessment

For the Executive, career assessment enables to better analyse one’s situation and by assessing his human and professional potential.

For the Company, make a better use of an employee’s ability, can be possible after it uncovers the different aspects of his/ her personality and his/ her aspiration. It can assign the person to a more suitable position or decide to train him/ her.


First interview with the Executive and the management of the Firm
To redefine the purpose of the audit in relation to the company’s environnent and strategy. To explain the process and the main steps.
Psychological, human and professional potential
Self-assesment, behavioural tests….
Carrer path inside the company
Career development, major professional achievements, analysis of main competencies.
Profil strengths : resulting from the competencies and motivations, functions and environments favourable to the person, professional orientation and training propositions to support change.
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