Experienced Executives are not ready to accept any type of job within their company, as they seek for more and more recognition.

On the other hand, companies sometimes considers them as too demanding and do not take all the factors into account.

These conflicting views, aggravated by a lack of communication, can lead to disrupting situations where:

  • the employee finds him/herself looking for a job at an age where equivalent positions are extremely difficult to find,
  • the company divests itself from key ressources needed to supervise young recruits.

Group’3C come along as an intermediary that defuses the situation between the parties.

Re-mobilisation des seniors

In a career strategy review, we will :

  • enable the company to show its experienced executives that it is still ready to invest in them and in their future,
  • define with the Executives their aspirations at this key moment of their in their career.

Whatever the outcome of this training, the relations will be more relaxed and the executive will hold the keys to his/her present and future employability.

Group’3C has also developed a training module to support executives in their retirement.

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