The concept of career review was created as early as 1961 by Theodore Schulz. It was then further developed by Gary Becker ( Nobel Prize in 1992). Today, the idea of Human Capital development is totally relevant to the career review practice.

However, career review and career management, necessary to best value the human capital, is unfortunately not sufficiently developed in companies, by lack of time and ressources. When it is done, the assignment is often subcontracted. It is then paramount to work with a qualified professional.

By choosing Group’3C, you are guaranteed the service of a professional partner that will value your executives, beyond salary concerns, demonstrating that the company is ready to invest in his/her future.

  • This means giving back the keys to their employability, having them take aptitude tests, analyse aspirations and goals at mid-career. It enables the company to envision the future with its executives in the best possible conditions. 
  • It also means helping the employees exiting the company, so that they can find a more fulfilling match outside. A successful exit and reclassification maintains the company’s reputation in the workplace and preserves social peace.

We work with executives from all kinds of companies, in the private, public, or military sector. 

 Group’3C training credentials ( Datadock) allows companies to include our work in their training program allowance.

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