The career review has been created as early as 1961  by Theodore Schulz, then developed by Gary Becker ( Nobel Prize in 1992). The concept of Human Capital development is totally relevant with the practice of the career review.

Unfortunately this practice is not customary in all companies , very often because of a lack in time or resources. It is very often outsourced.It is therefore essential to retain the services of a qualified professional.

By choosing Group’3C, you insure that your supplier will be able to valorize your Executives, far beyond a simple salary increase.

  • This means giving back the keys to his/her employability, to check his or her abilities using tests, analyse his or her professional goals at mid-career. Finally it enables the company to project his or her future in the best possible conditions.
  • It also sometimes means to support an employee in leaving the company, so that he may find elsewhere a better fullfilment. A successful exit or reclassification maintains the company’s reputation and is the safeguard of a corporate wellbeing.

We work with company’s Executives, as elle as with employees from the public sector or military.

 Group’3C training credentials ( Datadock) allows companies to include our work in their training program.

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