The Problematic :

Today there are more than 1000 tests to outline the personality and study the behaviourial aspects and it is interesting to know on what the consultants base this upon at Group’3C to help the executives reposition, in order to get to know themselves better. Especially since certain tests are  particularly used by companies and recruiters.

Group’3C’s reponse :

Group ‘ 3C has worked out a pragmatic and original method to accompany the executives and the directors in front to reposition in their company (career assessment) or on the outside of their enterprise (outplacement). The personality analysis is of one of the axes on which the developed method leans by Group ‘ 3C to define the professional project.

The practice of the tests is a part with the graphological analysis and conducting interviews of the 3 techniques of personality analysis which will be cross referenced with for the objective to determine the qualities or the strong points, the handicaps to overcome. Group’3C has selected 6 tests ( of which are  SOSIE, MBTI and the DISC)

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