The Problematic :

It happens often that an executive or a managed needs to be accomapnied in order to handle better a delicate or an unusual problem that he meets while exercising his responsibilites and that can weaken him.  Speaking with his immediate superior or with his colleagues is not always a good solution as on one hand they might be implied in a problematic and on the other hand this could bother the executive to leave a trace behind of his difficulties to overcome alone to the problem. The enterprise is brought to suggest to this executive to take an unlimited time period of exterior coaching to help him.

Group’3C ‘s response:

The consultants of the Group’3C cabinet have operationally managed companies for several years during which they have gone through situations, made decisions, livened up and accomapnied the transfers. This experience can be instilled.

For Group’3C, to coach an executive or a manager, firstly consists of taking the time to go through details in order to be able to put one’s finger on the person’s aptitudes and his areas of development, to list his professional capacities in order to build an action plan to be able to overcome the problem.

The consultant’s role is to then act like a mirror- by permanently replacing the executive in front of his action plan-to follow his progress, to overcome the difficulties, to identify the key to success in order to achieve the final objective that one is assigned to.

To be coached by a Group’3C’s consultant allows to benifit from one’s operational experience to be able to confront the problem that has to be overcome and by a very pragmatic methodology , to find in oneself the capacity to lead an action plan with success.


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