The problematic :

The method used to conduct an outplacement is vital as it is from this point and especially the way it is going to be used, on what the sucess will depend upon : a repositioning which corresponds well with the personality, motivations and the know-how of the executive from whom your company is parting ways.

Besides, it is important for the enterprise that the executive repositions himself quickly : this will show to the ones who are still in the enterprise that the person is making a good decision and has advised the executive from whom the company is parting from. It is a good illustration to show the company’s human policy.

 Group’3C ‘s reponse:

The method used by Group’3C is extremely pragmatic. It is based on the marketing techniques and commercials used by the companies and was constructed by the consultants of the cabinet who have all operationally managed companies for several years during which they have lived, decided, animated and accompanied their transfer. Till date and since almost 20 years now, more than 1000 executives and managers have used this method with success, winning due to this, several months of their employment search and repositioning.

Group’3C’s approach is constructed from 2 pragmatic reports :

To look for a job is to undertake exactly the same approach as if you were selling a product, except that the person looking for a job is the seller and the product as well which has to be « bought » by a future employer.

To sell is not an easy approach : in order to succeed, one has to be professional and employ marketing and commercial techniques which show their ability.

The concept developed by Group’3c : To look for one’s job, is to sell oneself professionally !


There are 3 Methodological phases:

Phase 1 : define without concession «  the product » that one is going to sell to the buyer , quite as we would define a product sheet.

What is his personality ?

What are his motivations ?

What is his real and proven know-how ?

The main thing isthat at the end of this phase, which is a lot like a career assessment, one is able to define a credible dynamic project which will be «  sellable » and find the potential targets which could be “approached”.


Phase 2 : learn to sell and to commercialise

The companies dedicate a huge amount of money for the training, so that the commercials are always efficient and successful.

Why would an individual who wants to confront one of the most difficult markets to access, the work market, would he know in an innate manner, how to sell and approach the market ?

Know how to present yourself and answer to a recruiter’s questions, to respond to job advertisement, to know how to initiate, build and develop a relational network, these are the fundementals that Group’3C makes acquire to the person who is following an outplacement to efficiently look for a future job.


Phase 3 : The coaching of the seller

To sell is a very difficult approach : one has to find the right prospects, obtain meetings, present one’s arguments, convince, perpetuate the relationship…It is similar to a real marathon during which one has to remain centered on one’s objectives, to keep one’s moral despite the difficulties, question oneself if the results are not convincing.

Throughout the period of looking for a job, the Group’3C’s consultant sees to it that a real individual coaching is given until the obtaining of the result. After having been integrated in the new enterprise, a coaching is also undertaken during the whole of the trial period in order to be able to help ” get a good grip”.



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