The Problematic :

Recruiting is a major act for a company : it is a true investment on a long term basis. Many of the recruitments are disappointing as very often we attempted to provide a position by considering only the technical aspects. The essential human aspects in the social frame of a company were not grasped or not enough : it is important that the newcomer embibes to the culture of the enterprise and to the other employees with whom he will have to work, that he brings in the added value to the team with his beahviour and his skills.


Group’3C’s response :


The consultants of the Group’3C cabinet have operationally managed companies for several years during which they have gone through, made decisions, livened up and accomapnied the transfers. Due to their experience, they now know for sure that the value of a being, their humn qualities, which makes the whole difference, especially during difficult times.

When Group’3C is on its way of being given a recruitment mission, the cabinet’s first aim is going to be to understand who the enteprise is exactly for whom the mission is going to be led : what are their values, its organisation, its objectives, its management style, its environment ? Then comes the deatailed analysis of the position to take over and the profile looked for and once validated, this will be used to establish the recruitement file.

During the selection, for each candidate who is welcomed by the consultant, will go through a technical and behavioural evaluation based on two or three interview of atleast 1 hour each, a series of behavioural tests (MBTI,DISC) : it is about finding out if the candidate, independant of his technical capacities, would be able to easily integrate and bring an extra plus to the enterprise.

During the final selection by the enterprise, the consultant will bring assistance and advice to the decision-maker,all the same to the candidate. During the whole trial period, he will accompany the newly hired with a light coaching so that the integration goes well insuring a relay with the company if necessary.


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