The problematic:

To choose a manager amongst a group of potential intern candidates is a an extremely difficult taks : Each candidate has their qualities but also their weaknesses and it is rare that only one of them has all the required assets to succeed in the new job. Therefore, it is difficult to keep a cool mind and to stick to an objective thought process.

Group’3C’s response :

The consultants of the Group’3C cabinet have operationally managed companies for several years during which they have gone through, made decisions, livened up and accomapnied the transfers. Due to their experience, they have drawn out two teachings :

  • it is the value of the people and their human qualities that makes all the difference during difficult times.
  • The company needs specific skills due to the situation it finds itself in. For example : an x manager will be very competent during the restructuring period, but he won’t be the man of a situation to revitalise and develop an activity ; another Mr. X head of service, good manager of a team composed of mainly elderly people, will lose his bearings if the team were to be young etc…

Group’3C has developed a pragmatic strategy on the behavioral analysis to help while choosing a manager, creating a coherent team in keeping with the fixed objectives by the company. The advantage of this method is that it doesen’t leave any place for subjective arguments for a candidate or another : when confronted with such a situation, it allows to offer an objective choice based on the analysis of the skills and the behaviour of each candidate.