The problematic :

You are consulting or are going to consult several cabinets which is normal as you are preparing to make an investment and you want it to be as profitable as possible.

Group’3C’s response :

7 criteria of differentiation of Group ‘ 3C


A human-sized cabinet specialists composed jobs stemming from diverse sectors of the economy  (industry and services) having exercised various functions ( executive management, Sales management, legal, human and financial resources) within French and international groups.

A rigorous owner methodology, which showed the ability successfully for more than 20 years with a population of more than 1000 executives and managers.

An individual approach : realised in the biggest confidentiality in order to take the measure of  every customer’s request and bring it a custom-made solution.

A will to answer all requests :  it is about companies or individuals which may be in their job or outside their job. An authorised training institution.

A complete support of our customers: They are followed until they have found a situation in compliance with their aspiration and have the possibility of coming back to consult us every time they find themselves in a situation of uncertainty or transition.

A putting in place of our various networks and partners to accompany our customers in : Return to being employed, creating an enterprise with a start-up in raising funds at a European or world level, resumption of company, the expatriation or the search for French or foreign capital.

A custom-made pricing according to every request.

Nos différences

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