The Problematic:

The services proposed by the consultants are always considered expensive because for the company it is about a spending and it is normal that it tries to optimise it.

Group’3C ‘s response:

One can consider that turning to a consultant is rather like choosing to make an investment : the skill and the quality of the service needs to be one of the first criterias in front of the price : it is better for the company to abstain than opting for a service with an average quality without any real result of the investment.

Group’3C chose to be a human sized cabinet, to practice a quality approach, security of seriousness and sustainability, to limit to about fifteen missions a year the number that are managed by the consultants so that they dedicate themselves to it completely.

Its project is to be able to bring a positive contribution, human and efficient to the raised problems by the management of the human resources in companies. Its consultants who are all former company directors, have a made a personal life choice by investing themselves in this activity.

Group ‘ 3C thus does not lead ostentatious policies and manages its extremely tight costs, all the  while insuring a complete quality service to propose to its customers an adapted and competitive pricing which gives them satisfaction by achieving their objectives.

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