The problematic :

The method used to lead an outplacement or a career assessment is the most important because it is from this and especially from the way it is going to be used on which a big part of the success will depend : a repositioning which corresponds well with the personality, motivations and the know-how of the executive from whom your enterprise is parting ways.

Group’3C ‘s response:

The 7 points distinguishing Group’3C are the following : 

Using the marketing principles as well as the sales techniques with rigor who have showed their capability in the companies :

  • Complete definition «  of the product to sell » : personality, motivations, professional capacities.
  • Necessary technical training to conquor the «  market targeted ».
  • Putting in place of a «  selling campaign » inside (Career Assessment) or outside (Outplacement)


Identification and analysis thrust from professional success in order to make real «  sales arguments »

Elaboration of a complete, personalised and professional file : forms for prospection, presentation, targeted answers to the tricky questions

Controlling the preparation before launching the prospecting campaign :  Simulation with several consultants

Baiting and development of the relational network

Personal follow up of the campaign : preperation and critical analysis of meetings, elaboration of unsolicited applications, response to advertisements.

Coaching to succeed the integration process.


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