The Problematic :

It is very difficult to find a job and it is more reassuring to tell the executive that we are parting from, that the chosen cabinet will give him several jobs after the preparation.


Group’3c’s response :

The objective of the outplacement is to prepare the executive to confront the work market by making him realise his strong points, his weak points, his motivations and his know-how.

Once this job is done, the consultant is going to help the executive determine the desired job, the target that he has to attack then will teach him to respond corrects to advertisements, to go for interviews and to develop their network.

In brief, during the whole campaign and until obtaining the job, the consultant will coach the executive so that his campaign is the most efficient and the shortest possible.

Once he is part of the new enterprise, the consultant will closely follow the integration until he’s getting his grip in. During the whole duration of the outplacement, the consultant has an obligation of means and not of the result : it is the executive who is going to find his future job and not the consultant who is going to find it for him. To bring a job on a silver platter would be a bad service provided to the executive as he didn’t make the effort to acheive it, he wont be encouraged to keep it or to put in a lot of hardwork.