The Problematic :

Nowadays, everything moves at a quick pace in a company as well as for people in their professional and personal life. But the employees and the companies do not work at the same pace: the needs of a company often tend to be urgent.


These repeated and quick changes of management and structures and the outsourcings lead to a loss of marks for the employees and the needs of the companies being urgent, anticipating the company’s needs is not an easy task. The company’s  territory grows with internationalisation and relocations : the enterprises’ always take care of the short term and the immediate profitability. Taking care about the long term which is ( 3 years) doesen’t take place anymore as no one knows where they will be. The companies train according to their immediate needs and look for specialists which is contrary to the universal culture offered to us by our educational system. This loss of general knowledge makes the employees lose their «  employability » and their capacity to bounce off.


Group’3C’s response:

Group’3C has surpassed the « career appraisal» and has put in place a career assessment in order to on one hand, allow an executive or a director to conduct a real professional thought process on who he is, his motivations, his know-how, and on the other hand, build a project by taking this thought process into account which looks towards the future

Audit de carrière