The problematic :

Today, in a company, the four generations are present and thus have to learn to work together and share the different values, having lived differently from one another with different expectations. This leads to inadequacies.


  • 60 to 65 years : Knew the end of the war, the shortage (there were ration cards until 1950, housing shortage until 1955). It was necessary to make efforts and to reconstruct
  •  48 to 58 years : Knew the glorious 30, ease, expansion and are used to taking advantage and consuming. For them the 5 % growth was normal; they bought their accommodation with a loan paid by the inflation.
  • 30 to 45 years: Underwent the disappointments, the difficulties finding a first employment, the increase in unemployment, the first big restructurings. They were the first ones to know about the expensive loans. 
  • 20 to 30 years : Are living the present moment, nothing can amaze them, they are nomadic, just waiting to have some for themselves.

The leaving or eliminating of the elderly was thought of as a good way to absorb unemployment, to lower costs and found a favorable echo with grandpa boomers, happy about continuing to take advantage of the system and to be ale to consume leisure. Actually, their going away contributed to the loss of makign marks and deprived the enterprise and their acquired experience on the field, their knowledge on cogs of the company, the good capacity which was to put in perspective.

Group’3C ‘s response :


Group’3C, overtaking the classic «  career track record »  which is too static, has worked out a career assessment to allow on one hand an executive or a manager to  professionally lead a real thought process on who he is, his motivations, his know-how, and on the other hand to build a project taking into account this reflection which looks towards the future. In 20 years of practice, Group ‘3c has helped a number of executives to reposition themselves.


  • The majoirity has finished their career in their company, the career assessment has given an opportunity to rediscover potential which have been until now either ignored or not exploited.
  • For the others, the solution was found outside the enterprise (outplacement) as the senior executive’s project did seem to fit in his problematic.


Audit de carrière

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