The problematic :

If parting from a colleague is part of the enterprise life, to plan his accompaniment is a means to manage this situation and to transform it into a change which eventually is a « win,win » situation.

When a company is brought to part from a colleague, the company has to handle it in a responsible and operational manner and its concern thus doubles :

  • Allowing the colleague to take his future in his hands and making the most about parting ways in order to be able to conduct a true thought process on who he is, what he wants, his personality, his motivations, his know-how, in order to be able make the the most in his interest and personal objectives.
  • To manage the future and especially his relationship and reputation with the employees which remain in the company, whatever the reason of the colleague’s leaving may be, observe the way in which the seperation is handled, especially in terms of accompanying.

Group’3C ‘s response:

In order to be able to manage the leave is a major stake for the enterprise : for Group’3C, your colleague is a person before anything else, who needs to be accompanied individually to conduct this stage of reflection, then has to be helped in finding the right type of job where he can apply and finally he has to be supported in a very efficient manner during his search period and once he has found a new job,  he needs to be supported during the trial period.

The employees that remain in the enterprise will keep in touch with the one who has left. They will ask him about his outplacement, if he is happy with the cabinet that he might have chosen. This here is a chance to show that during difficult times, your enterprise takes the human dimension into account and its economic choices as well.