The Problematic:

Some companies wish for example during a social plan to offer an outplacement to several of their employees from whom they want to part. The companies are thus confronted with cost issues and tbus consider lighter options

Group’3C’s response :

The executive’s outplacement is necessarily a personalised offer. It is about individual work that allows the executive to understand, what is personality is, to get to know his strong points and his weakness, to have carefully looked at his motivations, to have defined his know-how by bringing proofs concerning his professional qualities in order to acheive the real definition of a specific professional project and by identifying his target the next step would be to put it in practice and then during the whole search of the employment , the outplacement helps in the following and the coaching of the executive in order to be able to overcome the inherent difficulties of his targets, the desired employment.

Group’3C is nevertheless aware about the problem it causes an enterprise in the putting in place of a social plan financially which means the leaving of the many executives. Even if the company wants to bring in a serious support meaning individually to the employees from whom it is seperating, the cost make the enterprise hesitate.

This is the reason why Group’3C has conceived a product which is adapted and thus responds to such a problematic :

The personalised collective support

The personalised collective support consists :

  • On one hand to bring the collective group sessions into life for the executives looking for a job to make them get familiar with the necessary tools to looks for a job and teach them the techniques to use so that their job search be efficient.
  • On the other hand see each executive of the group individually during a session to analyse his personality, his motivations, his know-how with a detailed exam concerning his professional career, to be able to conceive all the tools presented during the collective session.
  • And a final individual follow up of the employment search which is combined with collective monthly sessions.


In this way, whatever is done on common grounds is mutualised, which decreases the costs and each employee is still being followed up individually with the same quality concern.

Accompagnement collectif personnalisé

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