A career path often results from a series of choices, meeting and changes that often happen without the person having had time to think about it.

One day, the employee expresses the need to reconsider the rest of his journey differently. It is the time for him to work on what is possible next, within or outside the company.


With our career development program, our Group’3C consultants support your employees so they can step back and analyze their career. They review their career path, expand their career options and take back charge of their own career.

Together, they consider which projects are sustainable in regard with the profile of the employee, his constraints, and the situation of the company.

By choosing Group’3C you are guaranteed the service of a partner who will help you value your employees, beyond salary reward. You will prove them that the company is ready to invest on their future within or outside the company, and by doing so, you secure your pool of talent for the future.

bilan de compétences

A format that combines 24 hours of one to one meeting with a professional coach and personal work:

  1. A deep career and personality review to determine strengths and skillset, by using personality tests such as MBTI, DISC and tools developped by Group’3C, and one to one meetings….
  2. Exploring options and building a career strategy : may it be simply find a job in an other department of the company, go for a training, move abroad…..

Sometimes the result may be developing new opportunities within the company or simply using the knowledge to fulfill a hobby in the personal life. It can also mean helping the employee exit the company, so they can fin a more fulfilling match outside. Whatever the outcome, investing in career development programs maintains the company’s reputation in the workplace and preserves a positive social climate.


Group’3C training credentials (Datadock) allows companies to integrate our work in their learning and development allowance.

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