Job Protection Plan & Restructuring Support : Regardless of the context of the layoff, Group’3C support companies by offering them outplacement solutions for their employees and their Executives.

  • During the course of a redundancy, Group’3C can take action and help the dismissed employees to define their professional project and make it happen. Group’3C offers a concept including a mix of individual meetings and collective work sessions, supporting them in a job search, a creation or the takeover of a company.
  • During the course of an individual layoff, Group’3C guarantees a one to one support, associated with optional collective workshops until the employee finds a new position that matches its expectations. Group’3C distinctive procedure insures the company and its managers a fully personalized approach.

Regardless of the age and the employability of the concerned Executives, Group’3C is able to listen to their needs and brings to the party HR experts from various functions of the company. The aim of Group’3C is to provide the most appropriate answer to each and everyone’s need.

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