53 years old - Commercial Director

It is with great pleasure that I share my experience with Group’3C. Its support has been really important to me :

  • Better knowledge of myself ,
  • Practical Methodology enabling to present yourself with the right words.
The work is consistant and gradual.


37 years old - Sales Director
Two outplacements with Group’3C. Six month of   remote follow-up after I found a new position... The PLUS-PLUS Group’3C coaching : Listening et 'backing' on all my writings => shrewd advices, even a strong honest talk ... and the sacred rule: 4 interviews a week, which you leave with 1 r 2 contacts! Finally the 6 months "after-sales service" is very valuable when you join a new new company. Thank you Group’3C !


45 years old - Financial Director

The support I received from Group'3C has been very significant in my professional transition.  

It allowed me to confront my insights through a rigoureux and proven methodology.

I have been able to move on because I confronted my ideas with a  professional coach.

It also allowed me to choose my rythme, to put the support on hold and get back to it when fully available.


46 years old - General Manager

My work with Group'3C has given me the opportunity to process a comprehensive review of my professional aspirations. I then realized that I spent the last 25 years full speed, without looking ahead.

  • It took me only 6 months to find a position in general management that exceeded my expectations.
  • These 6 months enabled me to meet new people, broaden my knowledge, work on my personal/professional balance, but also to have fun! Today, still in office, I take the time to network and I have a better capacity to step back.


54 years old - Candidate became entrepreneur

I chose Group’3C after consulting 6 other firms.

 Group’3C methodology allowed me :

  • to take a global perspective on my career : my achievements, my skills and to step back to understand what I did not want to do anymore,
  • To gain confidence with the frequent contact of Group’3C members.


47 years old - Director of Human Resources

I have worked 2,5 months with Group'3C after having been left a major French group.Together we have reshaped my resume in a much more competitive form !!!!!!

I also did some very interesting tests.

Thanks to the network, I found a new position before the end of my outplacement with Group’3C.


45 years old - Director of Human Resources

I have been outplayed by  Group’ 3C and I have been completely satisfied.

I chose  Group’3C because their methodology seemed the most appropriate to my needs : a "custom-made approach" versus standard approches offered by big outplacement firms.

Group’ 3C a good address to hand over to somebody looking for a fresh start.


36 years - Psychologist therapist
The professional review that I did with Group'3C made me realize that my profile was "original". I had recently started a liberal practice. Thanks to Group'3C methodology I learned how to network , which enabled me to grow my clients base. The mouth to ear is now working and I continue to network efficiently.


43 years old - General Manager

As I never was I a position to look for a job, the support and the methodology of Group'3C have been extremely precious. They allowed me to manage the various phases of my transition without haste, hence avoiding many mistakes. This job search period has turned out to be extremely valuable and very positive on a human level.

Oddly enough, and thanks to Group'3C, my job search period has proven to be one of the most helpful of all my  career !

Thanks again to  Group'3C team.


52 years - Treasurer

In the situation of a career change Group’3C helped me define the type of positions I could turn to and put forward the skills I had.

This preparation lasted 2 months and enabled me to be confident at my first job interviews: I had a job offer just after 1 month of research.


50 years - Commercial Banking

Group’3C enabled me to switch from my former professional life.

Indeed, I felt restrained and sad.

The career review help be realize both what I like and what I am capable of.

Every step of this work has been enjoyable.

A big thanks for your help !!


54 years - Economic Journalist, Customer Group'3C

I called on Group’3C while working for an ailing company. I started with a career review to prepare for my exit, and this enabled me to go through my lay-off a few months later.

The work performed with Group’3C allowed me to reclaim self-confidence.

I also found my coach caring, available to counsel and encourage me in difficult times, whilst remaining very professional and pragmatic.


46 years old - Chief Financial Officer, Customer Group'3C
Approximately 12 months occured between the beginning of the outplacement and my hire in a new company. The pluses of the Firm : The methodology, 360 degree exercice, psychological tests, and especially an approving gaze, a positive approach and constructive actions.


49 years old - Key Account Manager

Five months were necessary for me to find a new position.

The work done on the resume has been long but proved to be very effective. The approach is original and has enabled me to have aan impact resume but also the pitch that goes with it.

« I say what I di and I prove what I say ». It seems obvious, but without a methodology it is nearly impossible.


35 years old - Organization consulting
What Group’3C brought me :
  • Accept me as I am and understand what it is that I want to do,
  • A methodology that allows to reclaim self-confidence, to develop a network,
  • To know how to approach people you thought to be unattainable.
As a conclusion, these  months of research have been very difficult but certaines one of the bet things that ever happened to me!