Today, it is no longer possible to embrace a corporation or a profession for life.

The daily pressure makes it sometimes difficult to step back and think about one’s future.

Group’3C provides an effective methodology for career or professional transition for those who want to boost their career.

This approach focuses on:

A deep career strategy review
that enables our clients to analyse their professional situation, taking into account human and industry factors. After a series of  personality tests, Group’3C clients explore their motivations and their skillsets.

They are then capable of targeting the type of jobs and the industry in which they wish to work.

A support in the implementation of their job search
until they are absolutely sure about their professional project.

This can be: the search for a new position, the creation or the takeover of a company.

Group’3C has also developed a service to help spouses find a job.

Group’3C is Datadock certified for these services.

Comprehend and Counsel to help you Choose

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